Washington Monument Photo – Photography Pt. 1

“The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Chase Jarvis

I’ve lost count as to how many cameras I have access to now. My point-and-shoot, my wife’s hot pink point-and-shoot, our Nikon DSLR, my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone, our old iPhones, and iPad’s, etc.!

The very best camera we own, though, without a doubt, is our DSLR*. We’ve used it to shoot thousands upon thousands of photos of our two boys since shortly after our oldest was born. We’ve used it for baptisms, first birthdays, and the birth of our youngest. Some of my favorite images have been shot with that Nikon camera.

Washington Monument Photo

washington monument photo

But that didn’t mean anything on an early April evening in Washington D.C. Our DSLR was at home in Minnesota, and I was sitting in the back seat of a cab on the way to dinner when we drove past the Washington Monument. The sun was nestled behind a cloud, almost completely behind the monument, and it looked gorgeous. So I grabbed the very best camera in the world… The one in my pocket.

It was my iPhone 5s. I took the shot, and a few others, as quickly as I could through the tinted window of the cab before he sped off to drop our group off at the restaurant for our dinner reservations.

A little edit job using the phone’s built in editing features, and I had a photo that I love! It’s by no means perfect. It hasn’t been edited in Photoshop with levels and curves adjusted, but it’s still a great photo in my eyes.

There are so many cool parts of this image that I love: the gradation of grays in the clouds, the silhouettes of the American flags, the way the cloud seems to be “drawn” from the very tip of the momument like it’s a giant pencil, and the way the middle of the monument seems pinched from the light hitting the lens.

Capture the moments that are fleeting moments with what you have with you. It may not be a 24 megapixel DSLR, but capturing the beauty is the most important part, not the technology that’s used to grab it.


*We have an older model of this camera, the D3200.

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