Photography Pt. 2 – Duluth


Back in the second week of last baseball off-season, the family took a trip up north to Duluth for a mini-family vacation, something we don’t get to do very often!  As a native Californian, it was the furthest “up north” in Minnesota that I’ve ever been.  Our goal was to see all the changing fall colors, but unfortunately we missed them by about 4 or 5 days.  We did get lucky and see some out of the windows on our drive up though.

It was a great 3-night stay up at the Residence Inn, where the staff was EXTREMELY friendly.  Apparently, we were part of a rollout test of The Mixx, a program to encourage guests to socialize down in the lobby, and it worked.  We spent a whole lot of time down there, eating dinners or snacks or deserts, which were all FREE!  Dad likes the sound of that!

We did spend money though on trips to Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, and the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.

On our first afternoon, after the an early morning visit to the train museum, we took a day-time boat cruise along the waterfront, under the famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, and out toward the depths of Lake Superior!  It was a windy and chilly mid-October afternoon, so we spent most of the cruise indoors, but I did get outside to watch the Lift Bridge raise up to allow us to sail underneath it!

Day two took us north to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse, splitting the day between the two Minnesota landmarks.

Before we headed back home, we got a chance to eat at a Duluth institution, Grandma’s Saloon and Grill.

It was a great small vacation, and it gave me a chance to take a few photos!

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