Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts – Boston, MA

kane's donuts

Kane’s Donuts

While in Boston, I decided to take a walk around town on a hot, steamy Saturday morning.  I walked from Back Bay, through Chinatown, to the Harbor.  My goal was to photograph anything that caught my eye.  My first target was the Tea Party Ships and Museum, so I sweated my way over there.  I was hungry when I finished snapping, and so I tried to find some local place to go eat.

I browsed the maps on my phone and saw that I was close to Oliver St.  I had to go down that street since it’s the name of my oldest son!  I kept walking and stumbled upon Kane’s Donuts.  In the land of Dunkin Donuts on nearly every corner, it was refreshing to see something different.  Little did I know just HOW different they really are!

kane's donuts
A wide array of ‘exotic’ options!

When I got in line and saw my options, I was overwhelmed.  Did I want a Snickers?  Or a Reese’s?  A watermelon?  Or the Best Honey Dip in America?


It was a tough choice, but I went with the Cookies and Creme, and a Honey Dip.  The Cookies and Creme, topped with crushed Oreos kane's donutsand some sort of frosting, was utterly delicious!  That, coupled with a nice cold bottle of milk on such a sweltering day was perfection.  The honey dip, their version of a glazed donut was great as well.  Soft and chewy, fluffy, airy and sweet.  I’m not sure if it truly was the Best In America, but it was very, very good

When you’re in Boston, be sure to head down to the Financial District and seek out Kane’s Donuts and take your pick of their specialty donuts!

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