I’m a dad of two young boys, and started this blog to share things I enjoy creating!  Things like food recipes and creations, to DIY projects.  I’ll also feature travel and my favorite restaurants from across the country, as my job with the Minnesota Twins takes me around the US every spring and summer.

My wife thinks I’m weird that I take pictures of all of the food I cook.  Ok, so I am a little weird… but I love to share the photos with people and help them make food that tastes and looks delicious too!  Which leads me here.  With my job, I don’t get to spend as much time in the kitchen as I’d like, but when I’m in there (or by my grill!), it becomes my laboratory.  Sometimes I’ll just wing dinner, other times, I’ll follow a recipe to at ‘T’.  You’ll see and read about them right here!

My love of creating also extends to the garage and my tools.

My creations don’t stop at the living room threshold.  My love of creating also extends to the garage and my tools.  I’ll show you some of the things that I’ve made to solve issues in my own house!  One of the first things I’ll show is how I solved my wife’s problem about being sedentary while she works.  She wanted a way to work while she was on the treadmill, so I spent an evening building her a desk for the treadmill!  Other times, I’ll create things that allow me to spend quality time with my boys.

As a parent, I have read plenty of tips and tricks related to the little ones.  I’m not going to give you tips or tricks, because that’s not realistic.  Instead, every so often, I’ll show you things I do as a parent.  What works for me and my kids won’t necessarily work for you, but some of the things we do together, such as cooking and making things, are great for any parent and child.